race day

Race Day



There are different areas for those people camping and those that wish to set up a gazebo just for the race. When you arrive follow the signs to the appropriate area. Enter Pioneer Park through the entrance on Cobden Street. If you arrive to set up camp after 6:00pm go to the event marquee and you will be shown where your camp will be. Camping must be pre booked and pre paid at online registration.


Times are as follows -
Friday 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 11:00am

At registration you will pick up your race number, sign a waiver and grab a show bag.


Will be held at 11:00am Saturday morning, at the transition area. ALL riders must attend. It is a condition of your entry that you attend the briefing.

RACE START – Traditional 24hr

The traditional format 24hr will commence on Saturday at 12:00pm Riders will line up under the THULE arch.

RACE – Traditional 24

Riders will continue to lap the course for 24hrs. The rider/team with the most number of laps wins. If rider/teams have the same number of laps, then whomever finished those laps in the quickest time wins. Teams ride in a relay fashion with only 1 rider from a team on the course at any one time. You can stop riding at any time and have a break. Teams can swap with team mates whenever they like, however interchange must occur in the transition zone. See attached map.

RACE START - Esprit de Corps

The EdC does not have a “start” in the traditional sense. The course will be opened to EdC riders 5 minutes after the B24 start. To begin your race you must go over the start timing mat. Importantly, your “race” time starts when you cross the line, not at 12.05pm when the course is declared “open”!

RACE - Esprit de Corps

Any number of your team can be on the course at any one time and all team member lap times count to your team 24hr race time. The most important rule you need to follow is that you must enter the course over the start timing mat. Your riding time then begins. It does not stop until you cross the finish line. If you pull off the course without crossing the finish line, and have a rest, or go to dinner etc, your team time is still continuing, however you’re not completing any laps. Therefore, you are essentially losing riding time. The times and laps of all your team mates accumulate until the total reaches 24hrs. Then you’re team has completed the race. Which ever team has completed the most laps in 24hrs wins. If teams are equal on laps, the fastest to team to complete those laps wins.


The transition zone is adjacent to the Race Headquarters. You must transition between team members here. You are allowed to ride through transition, however please be aware of other riders who are continuing onto another lap. Leave the transition quickly & don’t block the area. 


The course is a loop of approximately 15.2km. It is a mixture of fire trails and single track. Any intersection with tracks which are not part of the course will be “bunted” off. You will not need to make any navigational decisions. There are various points where you will have an option of two lines. The track marked A line is the quickest but is more challenging technically. There are also two locations where you can choose which track you take. They take about the same time to complete.


There are various checkpoints set up around the course. Some will be manned full time and others will be just random checks. There are some obvious points where cheating could occur. These will more than likely have some one keeping an eye on issues and may be under surveillance! Just because you cant see someone, it doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

Complete laps

Once on the course you must complete a full lap. If you have a mechanical problem, do not come back to race headquarters in the reverse direction as your lap will not be counted!


Professional medics have been contracted to provide medical services. They will be located in the Sports Pavillion adjacent to the event HQ. If you come across an injured rider out on course please stop to check if they are ok. The next rider to come along should then inform the next check point. Checkpoints have radio contact with HQ and the medics will be sent out. Riders on course should give way to medical vehicles.


Your laps will only be counted if your race number is attached to the front of your bike in an upright position. If the race number is not attached correctly there is a possibility that the sensors will not pick up the transponder attached to your number. It is your responsibility to ensure it is fitted correctly.


Your bike should be in good working order. If you have a mechanical issue Cyclepath have mechanics on hand to fix your bike for a reasonable fee. When riding your bike you must always be wearing your helmet.


Between the hours of 6pm and 6am the following day lighting requirements apply to all riders. All riders must use front lights that are powerful enough to see where they are going when moving at speed. They can be mounted on the handle bars or helmet, or both. All riders must also have a red light mounted on the rear. There will be charging facilities at the event HQ.


Communication is the key to safe and quick passing. There are plenty of places on the course for overtaking. Everyone has equal right to be on the track, and everyone should show equal respect to each other.
 If you catch a rider in the single track, the rider wishing to overtake should call out TRACK. It’s best if the slower rider acknowledges the call with an OK. The slower rider should look for somewhere safe to pull to one side of the track & let the faster rider past. Again communication is key. Let each other know your plans as best you can. PASSING ON THE RIGHT etc Remember everyone is here to have fun & compete as best they can. If everyone helps each other then everyone will enjoy the experience.


Will be posted as soon as possible at the event village. Your lap times & results are immediately uploaded onto the web. Results for the B24 can be found at the following link.  http://my2.raceresult.com/46363/?lang=en   Final results for Esprit de Corps will be available asap.  


Will be held at approximately 2pm Sunday at the event village.