The biggest asset of the B24 is that it is located in the heart of the township of Bright. This gives competitors the option to customise their weekend exactly how their preferences or budget dictate. They can "rough it" at the event village, set up camp in one of the established caravan/camp grounds surrounding (some bordering and a number within 500m of race HQ), or they can stay in more comfortable holiday unit/house/motel accommodation ranging from 3 to 4.5 star, all within an easy ride of race transition! We encourage entrants to consider the advantages of utilising existing accommodation in town, which we believe in time, will set the THULE B24 apart from all others.

Bright is a well established tourist town with a wide variety of accommodation styles and standards. Options for competitors include: 

  • The race HQ will provide for basic on site camping with shower and toilet facilities via the sports pavillion changerooms and portable /truck trailer mounted units commonly seen at other enduro events. There will be no power available, limited water and no fires allowed. 

  • There are a number of existing campgrounds surrounding and proximate the race HQ which offer idyllic locations featuring iconic deciduous trees, pristine river frontage, modern amenities and both powered/unpowered sites. Most of these parks also provide cabin and caravan accommodation and some have group facilities. Follow this link to see the range of campgrounds available  Of particular note, is offering a discounted rate for THULE B24 entrants but PLEASE NOTE you must ring them to book, online bookings will not activate the discount! Other offers will be publicised as they become available in the lead up to the race.

  • A great supporter of the event and a charming place to stay is Pioneer Garden Cottages. You wont get closer to the transition area! Pioneer Cottages are offering 2 & 3 day discount options with prices starting from $95 double. Check out for the race and at other times when you come to train in Bright! Your hosts are riders, and if your lucky they may even show you around some of the tracks.

  • There is a vast array of self contained house, unit and apartment accommodation close by the race HQ ranging from luxurious new 4.5 star abodes, to older style more affordable options.,

  • There is also a variety of group accommodation facilities in town, so if you are looking for something for a larger group...

  • Sites are available over the B24 event weekend at Bright Holiday Park